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Bulgaria Attracts French Investors in the Food, Transport and Logistics Sectors

October 26, 2012


On October 22, 2012, Paris became the host of the fifth in a series of investment forums organized by the Bulgarian Investment Agency in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


The event was held at SIAL 2012 (the largest food industry exhibition in France and one of the largest in Europe with over 6,000 food companies represented). The forum was held under the motto

“Food Industry, Transport and Logistics – the Prospect of Investing in Bulgaria”.


The purpose of the conference was to present Bulgaria as a suitable destination for investment and to create a positive image of Bulgaria’s food sector. In the context of Europe, France is a leader in the food industry, but unfortunately French businessmen have little knowledge as pertinent to the Bulgarian market.


Among the parties invited to the forum were government officials, CEOs, financial advisors and business consultants from Bulgaria and France, who shared their experiences and provide helpful advice about the possibilities and advantages of investing in Bulgaria. The opening speech at the forum was delivered by Mr. Miroslav Naydenov, Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture and Food. In addition, IBA’s Executive Director, Mr. Borislav Stefanov, presented the participants with an overview of the investment advantages offered by the Bulgarian market. The main topics up for discussion at the investment forum were agriculture and food, as well as logistics.