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Human resources

Key facts on human resources availability in Bulgaria

In 2013 there were about:

  • 60 500 graduates from 53 universities and colleges
  • 20 000 graduates potentially suitable for employment within the BPO industry – students majoring in business studies, computer science, as well as some social and technical sciences
  • Over 20 000 foreign students enrolled in Bulgarian universities
  • 80 000 Bulgarian students, studying abroad, are preparing for the needs of the sector
  • Each year approximately 15 000 students pursue university degree in language studies including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Scandinavian, and Slavic languages


University and college graduates by field of study, 2013

Source: National Statistics Institute


Number of foreign students in Bulgarian universities, 2014


3 961


2 510














2 307













Source: National Statistics Institute


Number of students enrolled in universities and colleges (in thousands)


Source: National Statistics Institute


Bulgaria has one of the highest proportions of students abroad from all European countries and 17% of those returning to the country have majored in Technical studies.



Secondary schools

  • There are 1 145 secondary schools in Bulgaria
  • 98% of the students enrolled in secondary school in Bulgaria study a foreign language, 73% study at least two foreign languages
  • There are over 100 specialized language schools (about 10 000 graduates per year) with Western European or other foreign language of instruction
  • Other languages taught in Bulgarian secondary schools include Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian, Swedish, Hindi, Hebrew, and Turkish
  • Over 544 vocational secondary schools exist, which offer concentrations in business, technology, arts and crafts or related degrees. They have over 30 000 graduates per year

Number of students in secondary language high-schools by language

Source: National Statistics Institute


Labour costs

Monthly gross salary ranges of trained agents in share service centers in Sofia, language pools by levels of availability


Monthly Gross Salary, Range, €

English only


French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish


Nordic languages, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Chinese


  • National Trade and Banking High School, Sofia

    • Established in 1912 by Sofia Chamber of Commerce; • largest economic professional school, 1 200+ students

    More information »
  • First English Language School, Sofia

    First English Language School, Sofia

    More information »
  • German Language High School, Sofia

    • About 140 students per grade, the best 50 receive a German diploma, the rest – a Schprachdiplom (Certificate for German Language Proficiency); • Classes taught by German professors, study trips ...

    More information »
  • Veliko Tarnovo University

    • 14 000 students • Faculty of modern languages, Economics, Law, Mathematics and Informatics, Philosophy, History

    More information »
  • American University in Bulgaria

    • 1 200 students • A hub for gifted students from the region (63% international students)

    More information »
  • Svishtov Academy of Economics

    • 10 000 students • Faculties of Economic Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing, Production and Commercial Business, IT;shtov Academy of Economics

    More information »
  • University of Plovdiv

    University of Plovdiv

    More information »
  • Ruse University

    • 8 000 students • Works with Cornell University in a Special Partnership Program;Faculties of electronics, business and management, transport and logistics, law, natural sciences; optional Engli ...

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  • University of Economics – Varna

    University of Economics – Varna

    More information »
  • University of National and World Economy- Sofia

    University of National and World Economy- Sofia

    More information »
  • Sofia University

    Faculties of Modern languages, Philosophy, Law, Pedagogy, Journalism and Communication, Economics and Business Administration, Mathematics and Informatics, Natural Sciences

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  • Sofia High School of Mathematics

    Specializes in mathematics and informatics for students between the grades of four and twelve; Intensive language programs introduced in the curricula.

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