заключителна пресконференция за закриване на проект - Утвърждаване на България като инвестиционна дестинация


On 18.05.2023 in Hyatt Regency hotel from 11:00h was held the closing press conference for presenting the “Bulgaria: a successful investment destination” project.

Main goal of the project is attracting investments in key sectors for Bulgaria with high potential for growth throughout assuring institutional help of Invest Bulgaria Agency for ameliorating of business climate and positioning of the country as preferred destination for investments.

The project is funded with the financial support of the structural program “Innovation and competitivity 2014-2020”, co-financed by EU throughout European fund for regional development with budget of 7 305 128 levs.

Throughout the achievements were distinguished 10 investment forums abroad, 6 conferences and 4 roadshows, in which Bulgaria is successfully shown as investment destination for sectors of “Outsourcing”, “Informational technologies”, “Electronics and electrotechnics” ,“Automotive and machinery production” “Chemical industry”, “Biotechnologies” and “Healthcare and balneology”. Participation was taken by over 300 people in which there were representants of big companies and organizations to high classed persons from the state.

Bulgaria was also part of 10 world investment forums. Marketing activities promoted the country as an investment destination during those investment events.

Bogdan Bogdanov executive director of IBA, declared that countries not only in the region, but also in the whole world, are striving to compete in activities to attract investments and that important aspects of a country is to position itself abroad by showing a good image and offer possibilities.

He also noted that for the period of 9 months, with the support of all executives for the project, are done over 16 events all around the world: from Japan to the West coast of US, to popularize Bulgaria. According to him such projects must be held regularly as a marketing strategy on a state level and work together with the business.

With the participation on international forums, the marketing campaign that was done and the more active work with investors throughout the year give real results, stated Bogdanov by mentioning that in 2022 we have accumulated the second biggest growth of direct foreign investments by the level of 70%, compared to the previous year, reaching over 2,3 billion euros. The Bulgarian industrial production showed a fast pace and was on second place among EU  countries. We generated a record export for key partners of Bulgaria, said Bogdan Bogdanov. “This is proof that we’re on a right track”. He announced that at this moment IBA works on over 70 projects, half of them already have chosen Bulgaria and are in process of certification.

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