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Catalogue of industrial zones

For the last decade, Bulgaria has been one of the fastest growing Eastern European economies. It is a member of the European Union since 2007. The country provides excellent opportunities for the realization of investment projects of all kinds. It is characterized by a stable macroeconomic environment, the most favorable tax treatment in the European Union, highly skilled labor force and one of Europe’s lowest operational costs. The geographical position of the country provides a strategic connection between Europe and Asia.


The industrial zones in Bulgaria offer attractive conditions for establishing production, warehousing, logistics and other activities at a very competitive prices (around 25-40 €/m²). Investment projects are supported by the Government, the Municipal Authorities and by the various domestic and foreign Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Bulgaria.

Currently, in Bulgaria there are about 14 functioning zones, with active local and foreign investors. Also, there are about 21 zones, either with fully or mostly developed infrastructure and ready to be invested in, and about 27 zones under development.

This presentation provides an overview of each zone according to the three groups above. In each group, the industrial zones are sorted in alphabetical order.


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North West North Center North East South West South Center South East