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Bilateral cooperation between InvestBulgaria Agency and The Binational Chamber of Commerce BULGARIA ISRAEL

November 6, 2015


The Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) Stamen Yanev and Avinoam Katrieli,  President of The Binational Chamber of Commerce BULGARIA ISRAEL met in connection with the forthcoming signing of an agreement for extended cooperation. It envisages active interaction between the two organizations on attracting investments and exchange of information on potential business partners (companies from Bulgaria and Israel). It also foresees the subject of cooperation to be investment projects (existing and planned), public statistical data, analyzes, results of market research and information on the state regulatory measures.

The Cooperation Agreement also provides that for the two organizations to work together to develop sustainable economy and to partner in the development of projects and programs related to public-private partnership.

IBA and the The Binational Chamber of Commerce BULGARIA ISRAEL commit to periodically analyze the results of cooperation in the framework of the signed agreement to exchange information about the outcome and to develop new proposals for improving the quality exchange of knowledge between the two organizations.