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European Commission adopted two programmes worth €2.8 billion of EU funding

June 18, 2015

The European Commissionhas adopted the remaining 2 Operational Programmes "Environment" and "Regions in Growth" programmes for Bulgaria. This means all 7 of Bulgaria's Operational Programmes for 2014-2020 the country have now been adopted - with a combined value of €7.6 billion in EU Cohesion Policy funding.

The new "Environment" Programme is worth more than € 1.77 billion with €1.5 billion coming from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund, complemented by national co-funding. The programme envisages a set of concrete measures to support the further shift of Bulgaria towards a more competitive, low-carbon economy compliant with the high EU standards of environment protection and resource efficiency.

Important investments in waste and water management, environmental protection, promoting biodiversity, conservation and air quality will not only contribute to more environment-friendly and competitive sustainable growth and job creation, they will also significantly improve the living conditions of Bulgarian citizens and their access to drinking water, sanitation and waste services. EU funding will also help create effective systems for risk prevention and management as well as better responses to natural disasters like floods and landslides.

The "Regions in Growth" Programme, also adopted, is worth €1.3 billion of EU funding from the European Regional Development Fund. It is worth more than €1.5 billion in total when complemented by national co-funding. The programme will support regional and urban policies in tackling territorial imbalances across the country. It will contribute to enhancing social inclusion, energy efficiency, connectivity and healthcare.

The majority of the investments will focus on improving everyday life for people living in Bulgaria's cities and their surroundings. For the first time, support will be based around strategies that bring together different kinds of investments and priorities for sustainable urban development successfully designed by the urban authorities.