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Stamen Yanev: To respond to the challenges of globalization we must focus our efforts on people, education and rules

June 25, 2015


To respond to the challenges of globalization we must focus our efforts on people, education and the rules formula PER, if we want to be an active part of the global market. That said the Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) Stamen Yanev at the ceremony on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

In his speech, the Director of IBA pointed out that the formula PER is exactly the strategy that applies the Agency in pursuit of its priorities.

People are those which are able to pull ahead and ensure that your business can survive. Quality people are key to building a competitive economy. Quality is achieved undoubtedly in the field of education. This is the component that builds people and is an investment that is often risky, however, can create a good earnings in the form of quality people to realize in global economy, said Stamen Yanev.

He recalled that the current demographic situation in Bulgaria shows an aging, sick population, with fewer active consumers. This tendency can be overcome by working in the right direction, namely the construction of social infrastructure in the form of quality education.

As regards the rules - basic formula for perspectives for the economy and attracting more investments are two main components - the lowest tax rate that exists, and the predictability of the rules, through active dialogue with business, said the director of IBA.

Finally Stamen Yanev pointed out the activation of the economy in the first months of 2015 and the stable increase of investment inflow in the country as a reliable indicator of the right direction followed by IBA.

The main sectors with most investments are manufacturing, financial intermediation and real estate operations. Additionally, IBA enter large number of projects related to industry, IT outsourcing services and logistics. There is great interest in the production sphere, high technologies, services, and more specifically the production of automotive components, information and communication technology, electronics including medical electronics. Prospective sectors is also healthcare, said Stamen Yanev.