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3. Preliminary research and investigation. Visa

3.1. Preliminary research and investigation


Prior to commencing any works, the investor may require that preliminary research and investigation be made in order to determine the most appropriate location and to estimate the legal admissibility and expedition of the project.  Though not a mandatory phase of the process, it is often necessary and useful for the investor to obtain in advance data on the site specifics (e.g. geological, seismic, hydrological, climatic and other conditions, existing structures and networks in and around the site).  The scope of such preliminary research and the person(s) to which it is assigned will vary depending on the type of project and the investor’s requirements.


3.2. Visa


In specific cases listed in TDA the investor must, before commencing the design of the project, obtain permission for drafting the project design entered on an excerpt from the detailed development plan covering the plot and the surrounding properties (a visa).  As per TDA, the visa should be issued by the chief architect of the municipality within 14 days after being requested.