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6. Commencement and execution of construction works

6.1. Acts and protocols executed during construction works


The date of commencement of the construction works is deemed to be the date on which the protocol of opening of the construction site and of determining the construction line and level (Protocol 2) is signed by the supervisor.  A precondition for signing of Protocol 2 is signing of a construction contract with a contractor entitled to execute construction works. Within 3 days of signing of Protocol 2, the supervisor certifies the order book for the works and informs the municipality, NCSD and the utility companies of certification.  The book will contain all orders and instructions of the competent persons and authorities concerning the works.


In addition to the above protocol and an order book, a number of other standard-form acts and protocols have to be compiled during the construction process, such as acceptance of the executed works before covering, interim and final acts of acceptance of the various stages of works, etc.  Ordinance No. 3 determines in detail the 17 standard types of acts and protocols, their contents, and the persons who compile and sign them.  The acts and protocols serve as evidence for the circumstances recorded therein and concerning the commencement, execution and completion of the works.  The participants in the development process who sign these acts and protocols are jointly responsible for the authenticity of the facts written in them.


6.2. Legal requirements concerning construction works


Construction works must be executed in compliance with the legal requirements contained in various laws and regulations concerning: bearing capacity, the stability and durability of structures and the foundation base under operational and seismic loads; fire safety; protection of people’s lives, health and property; safety of operation; preservation of the environment during the time of construction and of use of the completed works; economy of heat energy and heat insulation; accessibility, etc.  The responsibility for compliance with these requirements is borne jointly by the contractor and the supervisor.


In case where construction works do not comply with the legislative requirements, they can be postponed, the access to the project site can be restricted and to the investor can be imposed a monetary sanction.