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7. Completion

7.1. “As-built” documentation


Upon completing the works the contractor (or another person appointed by the investor) must prepare the “as-built” documentation which contains a full set of drawings of the works as they were actually executed.  The “as-built” documentation is countersigned by the investor, the contractor, the supervisor, the designer that has executed author’s supervision and the structural engineer, and is submitted to the administrative body that has issued the construction permit (municipality in the general case), which must stamp each page.


7.2. Acceptance of the completed works by the investor and the supervisor


The completion of construction is certified by execution of a protocol (the so called “Act 15”) which is signed by the investor, the designer, the contractor and the supervisor.  Act 15 is the document evidencing the delivery and acceptance of the completed works between the contractor and the investor.  With it, they certify that the works have been executed in compliance with the approved design, the “as-built” drawings, the legal requirements for the construction works and the terms of the construction contract.

Based on Act 15, the supervisor prepares a final report on the execution of the works.


7.3. Technical passport


After completion of the construction works a technical passport of the construction works shall be prepared by the supervisor (consultant) or technical controller (for category VI construction projects). The technical passport contains terms for execution of repairs and data for all certificates issued for the construction project.