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Information Technology

Advantages of the sector

Strong traditions in the IT sector:

  • The Atanasov–Berry Computer (ABC) was the world's first electronic digital computer. Its inventor John Atanasov, was of Bulgarian descent. The machine was not programmable, but solved systems of linear equations and employed parallel computation
  • Bulgaria was the largest manufacturer of PCs within the CMEA, its biggest market being the former USSR


Main trends for the IT sector in Bulgaria

  • One of the few sectors in Bulgaria remained almost unaffected by the economic world crisis
  • Generated 2.25% of GDP (2016) with 19 000 employees
  • 70% of revenues are generated by export oriented software business (The study is based on data gathered from ~ 3000 companies whose revenues are generated mostly from software-related activities).
  • 6 000 new highly paid jobs for 5 years
  • The growth is restricted by shortage of software engineers and the corresponding increase of compensation in the sector
  • Among the major foreign companies there are many successful local firms
  • Highly concentrated sector – mainly in the capital – Sofia
  • Among the fastest growing industries
  • Zero or very small gray sector, 50 % higher contributions to the budget per workplace

IT market 2017

Source: Top 100 Computerworld 2016