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Advantages of the sector

Bulgaria provides:

  • Excellent geographical, climatic and environmental conditions
  • The unique combination of seaside, mountains and mineral water makes Bulgaria a suitable place for health promotion throughout the year
  • Long-standing tradition in balneology and spa tourism
  • Refurbished world-class medical and rehabilitation centres and hotels
  • Highly qualified and experienced healthcare staff
  • Relatively low cost of medical services
  • Well-developed network of private cosmetic surgery and dental clinics


Bulgaria is an attractive destination for treatment, prophylaxis and recreation


A moderate climate with four seasons and significant Mediterranean influence

Spring - fresh and colourful  

Summer - hot and dry

Autumn - warm and rain

Winter - mild and snowy  


Among Bulgaria’s most valuable natural resources are the unique qualities, diversity and abundance of hydrothermal mineral water, curative mud, the sea, and other health resources.

  • Healthy sea-influenced and mountainous climate
  • Beautiful nature and scenic landscapes
  • Over 1 600 springs, of which over 600 are mineral springs, mainly located in the foothills of mountains
  • Dozens of lagoons and deposits of healing mud
  • Deposits of curative peat

Bulgaria ranks second in Europe after Iceland in the number the mineral springs, providing all types of mineral water existing in nature.