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Food and Agriculture

Advantages of the sector

Bulgaria provides an end-to-end solution to developing the Food&Agri sector

  • Unique natural conditions for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables
  • 50% of the country's territory is farming land
  • Ecologically clean and fertile soils
  • Very high quality of organic products (ban on GMOs)
  • Established local producers and a strong tradition in the sector
  • Long-standing distribution channels in the former Eastern Bloc
  • The EU acquis on food has been transposed into Bulgarian legislation
  • Very high health and environmental protection standards make Bulgarian food products fully prepared to meet even the highest and most complex consumer requirements
  • Major foreign investments by multinational companies account for a large - even dominant - market share in several key sectors such as confectionery, dairy products, and food & beverage
  • The growing demand for new and local food and beverages in Western Europe and beyond will boost the demand for traditional Bulgarian products

A well-established infrastructure available

  • Direct access to the fastest-growing and largest market in Europe: over 122 million people
  • Strategically located to provide routes to Europe, Russia, CIS, the Middle East, and North Africa
  • 5 Pan-European corridors cross the country, linking Northern Europe with the Middle East and North Africa
  • Fifty industrial zones and logistics centres
  • Bulgaria has a well developed and constantly improving infrastructure: 6 highways, 230 railway stations, 5 international airports, 7 ports on the Danube , and 6 seaports on the Black Sea
  • The logistics network is better developed than most Balkan countries
  • 68 bilateral agreements on avoidance of double taxation

Highly qualified and affordable human resources

  • A well-developed educational network of colleges, universities, and high schools
  • A number of public and private research&analysis centres, more than 10 000 researchers
  • Workforce available throughout the country at some of the most competitive prices in Europe
  • Bulgarian research institutes and universities work together with companies in the sector to create a skilled workforce

Specialized government incentives and EU funding

  • For the programming period 2014-2020, the programs for rural development have about 2.339 billion euros
  • It is expected the application schemes to be opened in autumn and the first projects to start in the early winter
  • Operational programs, the program for rural development and the development of the fisheries have invested about 75% of the total budget for the period 2007 - 2013