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Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Basic facts



Bulgaria relies on good traditions in healthcare:

  • The health sector in Bulgaria relies on experienced professionals (doctors, dental technicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, researchers)
  • Internationally recognized medical doctors in various specialities such as heart disease, orthopaedics, oncology, dentistry and others
  • Low prices of medical procedures
  • Established private health insurance funds
  • Opportunity to build private medical centres to make use of the existing workforce, adequate legislation, manufacturing of medical supplies, devices and pharmaceuticals


Bulgaria is among the top countries in Europe

by the number of hospitals per 100 000 of the population


Source: HFA Database, 2011


Types of hospitals and medical centers according to the National Statistical Institute

  • 52.4% of hospitals in Bulgaria are multi-profile (general) hospitals
  • The largest number of beds is in university hospitals
  • 14 specialized hospitals for continuous treatment, prolonged treatment and rehabilitation operate in the country
  • 22 specialized hospitals for rehabilitation


Medical Tourism

Some of the most popular procedures offered in Bulgaria

Ophthalmic Surgery

• Laser treatment of cataracts and glaucoma
• Laser correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism 
• Keratoplasty (corneal transplant)
• Strabismus (cross-eyed)
• Retinal detachment; Cryotherapy
• Laser treatment for diseases of the retina 
• Pterygium (exterior cataract)
• Chalazion, entropium, ectropium, ptosis
• Dacryocystorhinostomy etc.


Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Cosmetology

• Breasts: enlargement, shaping, lifting, reducing etc.
• BOTOX, FILLERE Mesotherapy 
•Abdominal, face, nose, eyelids, hands, ears plastic surgery, liposuction
• Plastic correction of the thighs, buttocks
• Gynecomastia; Andrology 
• Gastric ring, etc.
• Facial mesotherapy
• Chemical peeling; Dermabrasion and microabrasion
• Filing - Facial Line Filling; Botox; Vaposone
• Collagen rejuvenation; Iontophoresis
• PTF technology photoepilation and photorejuvenation 
• Treatment of acne, dilated capillaries, rosacea, telangiectasias

Spine Surgery

• Treatment of diseases of the spine and spinal cord
• Disc degenerative disease 
• Herniated discs
• Spinal stenosis
• Osteoarthritis of the sacroiliac and intervertebral joints 
• Trauma, tumours and in fl ammatory diseases of the spine and spinal cord

Orthopaedic surgery - bone and joint diseases

• The most advanced computer navigation with infrared cameras and 3-D imaging is used for joint replacement operations
• Knee and hip replacement 
• Knee arthroscopy 
• Shoulder arthroscopy 
• Operation of the shoulder muscles; shoulder joint angioplasty
• Surgical joining of vertebrae 
• Surgery in spinal stenosis 
• Tendon repair - Achilles tendon, folding muscle



Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology

• Therapy - in caries, pulpitis, gangrene
• Aesthetic procedures - whitening, crowns, cosmetic dental surgery
• Orthodontic treatment - brackets etc.
• Dental technician’s services – dentures



Assisted reproduction

• Intrauterine insemination with partner or donor sperm 
• Follicular puncture 
• Embryo donation
• Embryo transfer
• In vitro fertilization of ova 
• Testicular Sperm Aspiration 
• Microsurgical Epididymis Sperm Aspiration , etc.



Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation and relaxation with mud and lye treatment
• Quitting smoking through acupuncture
• Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber with 100% oxygen under high pressure to maintain a young and healthy body and improve natural defense mechanisms
• Healing spa packages, etc.
• The combination of hospitals (medical centres) in climatic and spa resorts in Bulgaria provides an extremely suitable combination of surgical procedures and subsequent physiotherapy and rehabilitation



Diagnostics and Prophylaxis

One of the prophylactic programmes combined with a holiday in a Bulgarian resort may include:

• Full clinical examination
• Ultrasonography of the prostate (for men) 
• Ultrasonography of the abdomen

• Ultrasonography of the breast (women)
• Laboratory tests - complete blood count
• Ophthalmic examination, funduscopic examination and others.
• Bulgaria provides all necessary procedures - prevention, diagnosis and outpatient treatment of gynaecological diseases in women of all ages