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CXG Business Process Outsourcing

CXG is a fast-growing EU-based BPO provider. Currently we have more than 130 employees and we keep growing. Our flexible, quickly-scalable and customizable model is proven to deliver results while minimizing costs and risk.

In 2010, when CXG launched, we tried to combine the best of two worlds – outsourcing and the standard business model. This has been at the heart of our service ever since. We are committed to helping our customers, optimizing costs and streamlining processes. On the other hand, we let our partners run their own business and worry about nothing else. Our partners can choose to be directly involved in recruitment, place their own managers in each team, set KPI’s, do performance reviews and just be in charge where it matters.

CXG is a member of the Global Sourcing Association, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband and the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association.

Activities: Business Process Outsourcing, All-inclusive HR Administration, Customer Support, Credit Control & Management, Data Capture, Data Entry, Data Cleansing, NPS & market research

Languages: Over 21 languages, incl. native speakers