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Philicon-97 Ltd

Established: 1974

Location: Plovdiv

Employees: 270

Products: tomato sauce, tomato concentrates, marinated vegetables and salad, compote or preserves, rose jam, milky fresh drinks, etc.

  • The Company Philicon 97 Ltd has its own registered brands: PHILICON and FRESH
  • The unique rose juice and rose jam are included in its production range. The company also produces the Milky Fresh drink using UHT (Ultra High Temperature technology) which is considered most effective for to preserve the taste, texture and nutritional qualities of milk
  • Philicon 97 Ltd has established market positions in countries such as the U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Poland , Romania , Sweden, China, Japan, and West Africa. Its Milky Fresh drink using UHT products are now well known and familiar in the markets of North and West Africa
  • Awards: Gold Star for Quality from the World Quality Support Committee in Madrid and Gold medals from the Plovdiv International Fair
  • In 2011, started a joint venture with Devin Ltd to develop the Fresh brand and market it in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Philicon-97 covers all EU and international standards, with constant control and monitoring of the entire manufacturing process