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Domaine Boyar

Established: 1991

Location: Sofia

Employees: 290

Products: manufacturers and exporters of Bulgarian wine

  • Domaine Boyar owns many years of experience, generations of talented oenologists, precise laboratory work combined with the use of most modern production techniques
  • The company's diverse portfolio includes over 120 products of various types and styles of assortments
  • In 2010, the Santa Anna Ventures investment company purchased 100% of the company's stock
  • Domaine Boyar cellars: Sinite Skali Winery, Sliven; Korten Cellar; Shumen Winery
  • Domaine Boyar is one of the largest exporters of Bulgarian wine in the world, with 80% of its produce exported to world markets. The company's main markets are the UK, Benelux, Russia, Canada, the USA, and Scandinavian countries
  • Domaine Boyar and Sinite Skali are the only Bulgarian wines to make it to the prestigious British ranking “Top 50” of AС Nielsen