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Aroma is a Bulgarian company, leading producer in Central and Eastern Europe of cosmetic and perfumery products. Aroma manufactures products in three main categories: health, beauty and style.
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Knauf Bulgaria

The company has two factories in Bulgaria: M&A Project 1997 – Vidin, gypsum fiber board panels factory, exports to 25 countries globally and Greenfield project 2007 2007 – Mednikarovo, plaster board factory – export to Romania.
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Saint-Gobain Weber Bulgaria

Weber is one of the first members of the Green Circle of Bulgarian companies, established in June 2010.
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Trakya Glass Bulgaria

Şişecam - Trakya Glass is the biggest green-field investments in Bulgaria, at €304 mln in present value. The glass complex comprises glassware, flat glass, household glassware, mirrors and car glass factories. The investment project phases were completed in the period 2005-2010.
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Assenova Krepost

Assenova Krepost is the biggest packages factory in Southeastern Europe, offers film and print woven bags, flexible containers for the food, chemical and other industries.
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There is a special repair mechanical department for repair and production of new moulds. The company aspires to integration with the sectors of mechanical engineering, motor-car construction, electrical manufacturing industry, etc.
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