300 та члена наброява френско-българската тъгровско икономическа камара


The French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Economics organized a reception on the occasion of reaching the 300th member.  

Among the officials of the event were Mariya Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Joel Meyer, Ambassador of France, Martin Gikov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth, Nikolay Pavlov was appointed Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry and Mila Nenova, Executive Director of IBA.  

Mr. Stéphane Delahaye, President of the Chamber congratulated all those present and thanked all members for their trust in the Chamber.  

InvestBulgaria Agency has established exceptional relationships with the team of the Chamber over the years, and we cordially extend our wishes for many more successful achievements. We believe that the professionalism they put in will continue to contribute to the development and prosperity of the Bulgarian-French community.  

Френско Българска търговско икономическа камара

Мила Ненова на събитието за 300-та членове на Френско Българска търговско икономическа камара

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