Събитие за общините, привличане на инвестиции в общините и ползи за инвеститора


The Bulgarian Investment Agency (BIA) together with the Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIG) are organizing a forum “Attracting Investment and Financing – Opportunities for Municipalities” on 20 February 2024 at 11:00 a.m. in The Venue, Incubator Building, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia.

The aim of the event is to provide, in an open dialogue, information to municipalities on attracting investors and financing opportunities to ensure the sustainable growth of the regions. In addition to the legal framework, the speakers will share their experience in attracting foreign investors, present successful practices of cooperation with municipalities and industrial zones, and propose workable approaches to building a competitive economy that will ensure the growth and development of municipalities and regions in Bulgaria by promoting and accelerating innovation and investment in all sectors of the economy.

The event will be opened by Milena Stoycheva, Minister of Innovation and Growth, who will present the MIG program for the development of municipalities and regions, followed by Ms. Mila Nenova, Executive Director of IBA, who will present the incentive measures that the state provides in support of business. Mr. Plamen Panchev, Executive Director of Trakia Economic Zone and Mr. Dimitar Ivanov, Mayor of Maritsa Municipality, will present the new investment projects in the Trakia Economic Zone and good practices in their cooperation.

Directorate General “European Funds for Competitiveness”, Bulgarian Development Bank and Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria will present the current opportunities for access to grants and financial instruments applicable to municipalities and potential investors.

After the end of the forum, a visit to the Supercomputer and a presentation of its capabilities is planned.

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