IBA presented the investment advantages of Bulgaria over electric car manufacturers

The E-Mobility conference, which took place online, focused on future mobility, focusing on topics related to electric vehicles and electric vehicle batteries, progress in infrastructure, marketing of fast charging stations, sales of electric vehicles, equipment, etc.

Irina Kirova, Secretary General, took part in the conference on behalf of the InvestBulgaria Agency / IBA /. She made a presentation on the investment advantages of Bulgaria as a preferred business destination and explained the advantages provided by the measures for investment promotion and the state mechanisms for their implementation.  “The production of cars and charging stations has increased significantly in recent years, with the sale of electric cars growing more than 40% annually. In Bulgaria, the share of cars running on biofuels and electric cars is expected to increase, which in return will significantly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, “Ms. Kirova commented.

During the panel, the advertising video of IBA “MOVE TO BE MOVED” was presented. Participation in the conference also provided an opportunity to hold online meetings with representatives of major automotive companies.

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