Startup world cup Bulgaria 2023


The concours Start-up world cup Bulgaria is searching for the best start-up, who can represent our country on the world final in USA.

Invest Bulgaria Agency has the pleasure to be one of the main partners of the upcoming event Start-up world cup Bulgaria 2023

Start-up world cup Bulgaria is a part of the world championship and one of the stages of the Start-up world cup, which is held annually in San Francisco, US. More than 40 countries participate every year and class a finalist for the main competition in the Silicon valley with 1 million dollar prize. The mission of the Start-up world cup and Internet Media Group is to help the development and growth of innovations and technological ecosystems in regions all over the planet. Bulgaria will nominate its winner on 13th June 2023 in Sofia.

The event is a main qualification round for the world finals in San Francisco, US. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Bulgaria on the big final.

Enter the big competition by filling the application form before 25th may 2023.

The winner will be announced on 13th June during the national final in Interpred WTC, Sofia

You could find more information for the event, organization, and partners on the official site:

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