Bulgaria is part of the EBA250


InvestBulgaria Agency and EIT InnoEnergy combined efforts to incentivize the growth of the battery sector and augment the competitivity in Europe.

The mutual declaration of goals will create strategic partnership for innovation and transfer of knowledge for accelerating the value chain of batteries in the region.

24.04.2023: InvestBulgaria Agency, state agency affiliated to the Ministry of Innovation and Growth has signed a mutual agreement for sustainable energy, supported by European Institute for Innovation and Technologies, institution of European Union with EIT InnoEnergy

The common ambition is to accelerate the participation of Bulgaria in the European value chain for batteries through several initiatives, supported by EIT InnoEnergy. The ceremony was attended by the president of Bulgaria Rumen Radev, the euro-commissaire Mariya Gabriel, vice premiere Atanas Pekanov, minister of innovation and growth Aleksander Poulev, minister of economy Nikola Stoyanov and minister of energetics Rosen Hristov.

This partnership comes as an answer to the ever-increasing demand for car batteries in the context of the goals of Europe for decarbonization, electrification of transport and energy systems and also the need of creating of a European value chain in the battery sector for a transition to pure energy and industrial competitivity.

The mutual declaration for goals creates a solid ground for future partnership of these countries, and InvestBulgaria Agency joined the European Battery Alliance (EBA250), which includes more than 800 industrial innovative participants in the whole value chain for batteries in Europe.

To be part of EBA250 will grant an access to a network of industrial and academic partners from the whole value chain for batteries (from extracting to recycling), including on-going European research initiatives and will enable an access to the interested parties to InnoEnergy Skills Institute (before EBA Academy)

The collateral declaration accentuates the engagement of the parties to collaborate with InnoEnergy Skills institute in qualification and requalification of workforce needed for a fast-growing Bulgarian value chain for batteries. This includes taking on place of collaboration for technical expertise for innovation and technological transfer for applying the know-how of InnoEnergy Skills Institute in Bulgaria.

The main goals of the collaboration are aimed at augmenting the competitivity of the battery, automobile, and other connected sectors in Bulgaria and to applique educational program for skill-developing and requalification of the personnel, required for accelerating of the value chain of batteries in the region. In addition to that, there will be created partnerships with several Bulgarian universities, industrial associations, and industrial partners for taking on place new school programs, connected to battery creation with InnoEnergy Skills institute. The parties will work to increase the collaboration for developing talents and services for transfer of knowledge for local and European interested parties.

Мария Габриел на подписването на декларация за присъединяването на

Signing of declaration between EIT InnoEnergy and InvestBulgaria Agency

Мария Габриел на подписването на декларация за влизане на България в Европейския алианс за батерии

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