Investor of the year 2022 a ceremony by InvestBugaria Agency


On march 30 2023 in Hyatt Regency hotel for the 17th continuous time the ceremony for the annual awards “Investor of the year 2022” organized by InvestBulgaria Agency was held.

The IBA awards are handed to distingue and encourage investment projects with the most significant impact in different areas of the Bulgarian economy, realized during 2022. Main media partners are BNT and BTA.

The awards this year are different from the traditional golden bulls, but even though, they become part from one small, but important act of solidarity, that places humanity on first place.

The Einstein’s words are example of that:

“ The value of a person lies behind what he can give, not in what he can receive “

An salutation towards the guests, official figures and nominated companies  the chief executive director of IBA, mister Bogdan Bogdanov. He did an overview of the agency’s work in 2022, by accentuating on the proactive marketing, realized by the IBA team for reinforcing Bulgaria as an attractive destination for investments. The team has organized and participated in international forums in Europe, US and Asia with the goal to present the advantages of Bulgaria in front of business members.

The winner is the biggest Bulgarian producer of aluminium products with an history of over forty years. During the past twenty years “Alcomet” invests over 155 million euros in modernizing of equipment and sustainable production processes, with focus on reducing the carbon footprint and improving the levels of recycling. The new equipment permits the company to produce aluminum components, which are used in electrical cars.

The other nominated companies in this category are “Eveloks” and “Teklas”. Both are leading production companies, and “Eveloks” marks 28 million leva for its latest project and the creation of 330 new workplaces, in mean time “Teklas” has 50 years of experience in the automobile industry and it’s a global supplier with 11 locations in 6 different countries.

Awards are gained also by the following companies:

The Minister of innovation and growth Alexander Pulev handed the “Investment in innovation” award to “Intuitive Surgical Bulgaria” which is a global leader in robotized chirurgy. The company invested over 80 million leva in constructing the most modern plant in Purvomai and will open more than 100 new workplaces.

The Minister of economy and industry Nikola Stoyanov handed the award in the field of “Investment in expansion of the activity” to “Witte Automotive Bulgaria”. The company is among the technological leaders in the domain of mechatronic system for car locks. Their products are used in many of the significant car manufacturers.

The award in category “Investment in human capital” was handed to Konstantin Konov, chief executive director of “Robert Bosch” by the Minister of labor and social politics and Lazar Lazarov

In the “Green investment” category, the winner is “International Armored Group” for its investment in military machines in city of Burgas. She was handed by Bogdan Bogdanov, chief executive director of IBA and Iordan Simeonov, head of IAG

Deputy Minister of tourism Ilin Dimitrov handed the award for “Municipality with most investments for 2022” to the municipality of Burgas and its mayor Dimitur Nikolov.

Ampeco won the “Successful start-up” category and the award was handed by mister Georgi Todorov, minister of digitlisation to mister Baicho Georgiev, marketing director of Ampeco.

In the category “Sustainable business” the nomination was given to “Karlsberg Bulgaria” for the expansion of its plant in the city of Blagoevgrad. The award was handed to the deputy minister of innovation and growth Stefan Savov. Second and third place were taken by “Liebherr Hausgerete Maritsa” and “Teklas Bulgaria”. They were awarded by the minister of defense Dimitur Stoyanov and minister of health Asen Medjidiev.

For the first time two new awards were handed out: in category Revival leader which goes to Martin Vechev, architect of INSAIT and was given by deputy minister of education and science, professor Chavdarova and in the category “National cause” to mister Andrei Arnaudov, co-founder of “Bulgaria wants you” by deputy minister of foreign affairs Velislava Petrova.

Watch the ceremony “Investor of the year awards” 09.04.2023 on BNT after the evening news.

Photos of the event could be found here

Инвеститор на годината 2022

Investor of the year 2022 a ceremony by InvestBugaria Agency

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