For the 18th consecutive year, InvestBulgaria Agency awarded the most significant investment projects implemented in 2023.

“Today’s ceremony is dedicated to people who, with their efforts, entrepreneurial spirit, continuous work and determination, create new industrial realities. Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people who see opportunities where we see risks and are those who are responsible not only for their business but also for the people who work for them. We live in a dynamic environment. Everything is changing, but it also creates a lot of opportunities. Covid and wars have shown that it is important to be closer to Europe. Strategic production to be here. We are not only talking about nearshoring, but also friendlyshoring. Investors look not only at purely economic conditions, but also look for a guarantee for their investment. Today we will award wonderful companies that the jury has distinguished among the nominees. Surely all nominees deserve recognition, as well as the numerous companies that have not participated in our competition”, Mrs. Mila Nenova, Executive Director of IBA, did not hide her excitement.

“The Ministry of Innovation Growth works for the development and implementation of innovations in enterprises, to encourage investments that are aimed at innovation. Our vision for 2024 is based on technology, human capital and ecosystem development.” said Minister Stoycheva awarding the award to “Niedek Electronics R&D Europe Bulgaria” in the category “Investment in innovative business”.

Mariya Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented the Grand Prix to Schneider Electric Bulgaria

“Together, we can not only give visibility to successful investments and make Bulgaria an attractive investment destination, but we can also inspire the younger generation to create and show their talent. Today’s awards show three important things. First of all, thank you to everyone involved, because you show what are the strengths of Bulgaria. Second, you show us that an investment doesn’t happen when you’re alone. It happens when you work in a team, interaction between institutions, the interaction of central and local government. The third message, I would like you to be inspired”, added Mrs. Mariya Gabriel.

This year, companies in the categories “Investor of the Year 2023”, “Innovative Product”, “Successful Startup”, “Sustainable Business”, “Municipality in Bulgaria with the Most Investments for 2023”, “Investment with Low Carbon Footprint”, “Investment with High Contribution to Development in the Region”, “Greenfield Investment”, “Investment in Human Capital”, “Investment in Innovative Business”, “Investment in Business Expansion” were awarded.

Mariya Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented the award to the winner in the category “Investor of the Year 2023” – “Schneider Electric Bulgaria”. The award was received by the manager of the company, Mr. Martin Yordanov.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva awarded “Nidek Electronics R&D Europe Bulgaria” in the category “Investment in innovative business”. She presented the award to the company’s manager, Philippe Marche.

Mila Nenova, Executive Director of IBA, awarded “Glass Contribution” in the category “Greenfield Investment”. The award went to the Executive Director of the company Georgi Paskov.

The winner in the category “Investment in Human Capital” was the company “Technical Components Bulgaria”, whose CEO Martin Petrov received the award from Georgi Gvozdeykov, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov awarded Amer Sports Bulgaria. The company headed the category “Investment in business expansion”. The award was received by the CEO of the company Ivaylo Petrov.

Kiril Vatev, Minister of Agriculture and Food, presented an award to Kristina Dimitrova, representative of the company “Blue Summer 23” – winner in the category “Investment with high contribution to development in the region”.

“Heidelberg Materials – Devnya cement” won in “Investment with low carbon footprint” and the award was given by the Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov to the representative of the company Konstantin Bozhilov. “We are extremely happy that our company chose Bulgaria to prove the concept we rely on and, of course, to subsequently implement the big project that will allow the plant in Devnya to be the first carbon-neutral cement plant in Eastern Europe,” said Konstantin Bozhilov.

“The municipality with the most investments for 2023” became Stara Zagora. The award was received by Zhivko Todorov, Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality, by Hristo Stefanov, Deputy Minister of Interior.

Iliya Karanikolov, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Development Bank, presented an award to Sava Chorbadzhiev, Manager of Bader Bulgaria, which became the winner in the category “Sustainable Business”.

Three awards were given in the “Successful Startup” category. The first was presented by Martin Gikov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth, to Vladimir Grozdanov, co-founder and CEO of Barin Sports. The second award was received by Georgi Kadrev, Executive Director of Kelvin Health, by Dimitar Nedyalkov, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications. Nikolay Naydenov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, awarded the third winner in the category – the company “Dai” and its manager Valentina Milanova.

Two companies were awarded in the category “Innovative product” and these are the companies “Dronamix” and “Evrotrust”. The co-founder of Dronamics Konstantin Rangelov received the award from Vesselina Mincheva, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth, and Tanya Mihaylova, Director of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the award to Georgi Dimitrov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evrotrust.

The Bulgarian Investment Agency expresses its huge gratitude to the jury that distinguished the winners in the different categories this year:

Dimitar Manolov – President of CL Podkrepa, Plamen Dimitrov – President of CITUB, Daniela Alexieva – Vice President of CITUB, Mr. Kiril Valchev – Director General of the Bulgarian News Agency, Mr. Dobri Mitrev – Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Mr. Evgeni Ivanov – Executive Director of CEIBG, Tsvetan Simeonov – President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms. Milena Stoycheva – Ministry of Innovation and Growth, Ms. Mila Nenova – InvestBulgaria Agency.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Bulgarian National Television for covering our event this year and being our long-standing media partner.

We also thank our other media partners BTA and BNR for their professional coverage.

Веселина Минчева, заместник-министър на иновациите и растежаТаня Михайлова, директор на Дипломатическия институт към МВнР, връчи отличието на Георги Димитров, председател на Съвета на директорите на "Евротръст".връчи Мартин Гиков, заместник-министър на иновациите и растежа, връчи плакет на Владимир Грозданов, съосновател и изпълнителен директор на "Барин Спортс"Второто отличие получи Георги Къдрев, изпълнителен директор на "Келвин Хелт", от Димитър Недялков, заместник-министър на транспорта и съобщениятаНиколай Найденов, заместник-министър на труда и социалната политика, награди третия победител в категорията - фирма "Дейи" и нейния управител Валентина Миланова. отличие получи Георги Къдрев, изпълнителен директор на "Келвин Хелт", от Димитър Недялков, заместник-министър на транспорта и съобщенията.отличие получи Георги Къдрев, изпълнителен директор на "Келвин Хелт", от Димитър Недялков, заместник-министър на транспорта и съобщенията."Хайделберг Матириълс – Девня цимент" спечели в "Инвестиция с нисък въглероден отпечатък", а отличието даде министърът на околната среда и водите Юлиян Попов на представителя на компанията Константин Божилов. Кирил Вътев, министър на земеделието и храните, връчи награда на Кристина Димитрова, представител на дружеството "Синьо лято 23" - победител в категорията "Инвестиция с висок принос за развитие в региона". Министърът на икономиката и индустрията Богдан Богданов отличи "Амер Спортс България". Дружеството оглави категорията "Инвестиция в разширяване на бизнеса". Наградата получи изпълнителният директор на компанията Ивайло Петров.Победител в категория "Инвестиция в човешки капитал" стана компанията "Технически компоненти България", чийто изпълнителен директор Мартин Петров получи наградата от Георги Гвоздейков, министър на транспорта и съобщенията. Мила Ненова, изпълнителен директор на БАИ, отличи "Глас Контрибюшън" в категория "Инвестиция на зелено". Наградата взе изпълнителният директор на дружеството Георги Пасков.Министърът на иновациите и растежа Милена Стойчева отличи "Нидек Елесис Ар Енд Ди Юръп България" в категория "Инвестиция в иновативен бизнес". Тя връчи наградата на управителя на фирмата Филип Марке.   

Мария Габриел, заместник министър-председател и министър на външните работи, връчи наградата на победителят в категорията "Инвеститор на годината 2023" - "Шнайдер Електрик България". Наградата прие управителят на компанията, г-н Мартин Йорданов.

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