Minister Borissov signed six investment certificates with a total value of over BGN 110 million.

The Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov signed six investment certificates under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA) with a total value of over BGN 110 million, which are expected to create nearly 600 new jobs. Five of the investments received a Class A certificate – those of “Senid”, “EL BAT”, “Bulprotein”, “Agromil Bulgaria” as well as “Blox Group Bulgaria”, and the sixth investment made by “Matega” receives a Class B certificate.

Minister Borissov pointed out that since the beginning of 2020, 32 projects worth a total of BGN 854.322 million have been certified under the IPA, and they have the potential to create 4,074 new jobs. Investments are mainly in manufacturing, information technology, healthcare and automotive sector.

The Minister of Economy stressed that 13 projects are for the expansion of an existing investment, and the remaining 19 are new investment projects. The biggest interest is in the production sector – 14 projects, 5 of which carry out high-tech production.

The investment class “A” of “Senid” Ltd. is for the investment project of “MEDICO AND BALNEO REHABILITATION CENTER”, Hissarya in the region of Plovdiv. The rehabilitation center will have well-equipped doctor’s offices, as well as rooms for physiotherapy and physical therapy. More than 55,000 patients could be served annually, and for this purpose over 120 jobs will be created for highly qualified specialists – medical and non-medical staff. The amount of the investment amounts to BGN 41,500,000.

The second project that will receive a Class “A” investment certificate is for “Blox Group Bulgaria” AD for an investment project related to investment in the sector of healthcare and social services. Within a three-year period, it is planned to build an integrated center for servicing people in need of rehabilitation, long-term treatment and palliative care, as well as Retirement homes for the elderly in Sofia Municipality. The amount of the investment, as a total value of tangible and intangible assets, amounts to BGN 29,934,000. During the period of implementation of the investment project and as a result of it, 275 new jobs will be created.

The investment project for construction of a modern plant for production of plant based proteins by “Bulprotein” Ltd located in industrial zone-Bozhurishte, Bozhurishte Municipality has also received a class A certificate. The implementation of this investment will contribute to the diversification of the production range within the Industrial Zone Bozhurishte, which will create conditions for attracting new investors from such high-tech and niche sectors. The size of the investment amounts to BGN 9,290,000 and 35 new jobs will be created. The investment project also envisages the construction of a laboratory in which automatic sampling machines will be installed, which will help the rapid acceptance of the grain. The amount of the investment, as a total value, is BGN 4,510,000 and 12 new jobs will be created.

The investment project of “EL BAT”, which envisages construction and operation of an installation for lead by-products in the municipality of Dolna Banya, district of Sofia, also receives a Class A investment certificate. The amount of the investment is BGN 23,937,000, as a result of which 100 new jobs will be created.

The project of „Matega“ Ltd., which will receive a class B investment certificate, is an investment project for construction of a modern enterprise on the territory of the town of Gabrovo is for the production of metal and wooden components for sporting weapons. Initially, MATEGA was intended to be the main supplier for the Walther, Umarex and Hämmerli brands. The company’s goal in the future is to achieve the production of a full range of components that will allow the assembly and production of finished weapons. The amount of the investment is BGN 5,723,408 and 40 new jobs will be created from it.

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