Minister Vezieva presented three Class A investment certificates with a total value of over BGN 23 mln.

The Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva presented three Class A investment certificates, issued under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA) at a total value of BGN 23,100,000, which provide for the creation of 162 new jobs.

During the event, Minister Vezieva said that for the last 5 months alone, 10 projects worth a total of BGN 379,532,000 have been certified with the potential to create more than 1,300 jobs.

She was adamant that this is a result of the different approach in the work of the team in recent months, which focused on building a clean investment environment. According to her, Bulgaria is the right place to invest because of tax policy, macroeconomic and financial stability, and now because of efforts to create a non-corrupt environment. According to her, this does not go unnoticed by investors and they are already applying for expansion of their activities and production in our country.

At today’s ceremony, Teletek Electronics EAD received a Class A investment certificate for the investment project “Production building for electronics with warehouse and administrative and household part”, Sofia. The project is worth BGN 14,000,000 and provides for the creation of 17 new jobs.

Pursuant to the Investment Promotion Act, PPS Manufacturing AD also received a Class A certificate for the investment project “Plant for manufacturing of nitrile gloves”, Plovdiv. The investment is worth BGN 4,700,000 and envisages the creation of 120 jobs.

Class A investment certificate was also awarded to TTL EOOD for the investment project “Base for repair of locomotives and wagons and warehouse base”, Sofia. The amount of the investment amounts to BGN 4,400,000 and 25 new jobs will be created.

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