Investor of the Year 2022 
Българска агенция за инвестиции организира ежегодната церемония по награждаване на инвеститори с най- голям успех в България.


The InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) organizes with great pleasure for the 17th time one of the most notable for the Bulgarian economy events . The forum emphasizes the ambition for growth of every investor or entrepreneur, that is battling the economic hardships and adapts successfully to the ever-changing world.

The official ceremony of  will be held at 30 mars 2023 with an opening at 18:00h at the Hyatt Regency hotel, “Vasil Levski” hall. IBA will award the most significant investment projects for 2022 in several categories:

  • Investor of the year
  • Green investment
  • Investment in expansion of the activity
  • Investment in innovation
  • Investment in human capital
  • Municipality in Bulgaria with most investments
  • National cause
  • Enlightener

The main criteria, which are used by the jury for defining the winners are: the volume of the investment, the number of job openings, also the region, in which the new investment takes place or expands an already existing site.

Over 50 companies from all economic sectors, promoted by the commercial chambers, regional administrations and municipalities have competed in the race for “ Investor of the year “, but one will be the gainer in each category.

The ceremony of  can be viewed on 09.04.2023 on BNT after the late news

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