Мила Ненова участва в Power Summit 2023


On 07.11 for the third consecutive year the Power Summit 2023 edition was held under the motto “Power, hear!”. Powers Summit is an innovative platform for constructive, operational dialogue face-to-face between government, business leaders, science and the civil sector. 

 This year, the main topics discussed are healthcare, energy, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, education and investment – Brand Bulgaria. Each topic consists of three types of sessions, namely a 40-minute discussion panel with the leaders of employers’ organizations, branch and industry associations, followed by a discussion panel with leaders from different political parties, and finally ends with a ministerial panel that includes representatives of state power. The forum was opened by Acad. Nikolay Denkov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and Assen Vassilev, Minister of Finance.  

In this year’s edition Ms. Mila Nenova, Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA), was invited to take part in the discussion panel “Entrepreneurship, Education and Investments – Brand Bulgaria”.  

Some of the problems that affected the participants from employers’ organizations, branch and industry associations were the lack of clearly established digital infrastructure in educational institutions and the lack of sufficiently well-trained teachers for high-tech classes (STEM). Proposals that fixed the integration of improvements in the educational system are transparency in the selection of directors in educational institutions, as well as the implementation of artificial intelligence and in-depth study of technologies following the example of PGKPI Burgas.  

In the Ministerial Session, Galin Tsokov, Minister of Education and Science, said that modern training systems provide an opportunity for change and implementation of digital transformation. He mentioned that the Digital Backpack platform, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science, enables parents, teachers and students to interact.  

The platform allows parents to monitor the educational process of their children and to access up-to-date information about their assessments, absences, notes and assignments for independent work. In this way, students can have free access to a wide range of digital educational content created by teachers.  

“In order to develop human capital, there must be trust in institutions and build a strategy for staff development in Bulgaria,” said Bogdan Bogdanov, Minister of Economy.  

In the discussion panel Mila Nenova said that there is potential for the return of Bulgarians abroad and that there are many opportunities for them to realize in Bulgaria.  

“Brand Bulgaria is important so that our children can stay here and develop, as well as continue to reveal good examples and prospects in the country,” said Nenova.  


Мила Ненова в дискусионен панел

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