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On 25.10.2023, the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Ms. Milena Stoycheva and the Executive Director of the InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA), Mrs. Mila Nenova, awarded a Class A certificate for investment in research and development to Nidek Electronics R&D Europe Bulgaria EOOD.  

The amount of the investment amounts to BGN 4 827 500 and 70 new jobs are expected to be created.  

During the visit of the R&D center, Mrs. Nenova and the IBA team had the opportunity to get acquainted with the process of developing innovative inverters for electronic thrust, on-board and outboard chargers, converters and all kinds of applications for motor drives.  

During the meeting, Mr. Philippe Marche, Manager of the company and Mrs. Radosveta Krasteva, Director “Research and Development” stated that the support provided by the Ministry is of great importance for the implementation of the project.  

The investment project has the potential to make Nidek’s European team one of the top 3 suppliers of electronic drive systems. The components produced as a result of this activity will be sold not only in Europe, where the Japanese company partners with names such as “Stellantis”, but also worldwide.  

The products to be developed at the development centre in Bulgaria are highly performing and their efficiency in driving an electric vehicle is expected to reach the target of 1,000 km. in the next 5-10 years. A significant challenge in the production of components for electric vehicles is the risk of potential external interference in the management of the vehicle. The company mentioned that it will work towards increasing cyber security in the elements it produces.  

Niedek Electronics R & D Europe Bulgaria EOOD is part of the Japanese corporation Nidek, a leader in the automotive industry. It is among the largest manufacturers of electric motors and components in its field with its scale of production, degree of specialization and competitive activities.  

платка с охлаждаща паста изработена от Нидек за автомобилната индустрия

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