Българска гаенция за инвестиции ще подпише декларация за присъединяване на България към Европейския аланс за батерии.


InvestBulgaria Agency will have the honor to represent Bulgaria in the European Battery Alliance.

On 24.04.2023 in Sofia Tech Park from 10:00h the official signing of declaration for joining between IBA and EIT InnoEnergy will take place.

The European energy sector is entering a deep transformation, characterized by several tendencies: decarbonization of main industries, electrification of transport means, creation of energy storage systems among others.

During October 2017, European commission created the European Battery Alliance in order to meet the requirements of this challenge.

For this purpose the alliance combines the effort of over 800 industrial partners, technological companies, financial institutions and R&D centers, for developing an powerful European industry in all fields of the supply chain, linked to the production of batteries: raw materials, cells, recycling. The program for industrial development of European Battery Alliance is governed by EIT InnoEnergy.

With the entrance of Bulgaria in the European Battery Alliance many possibilities will be opened for Bulgarian companies and other scientifical institutions for them to get closer to this industry both financially and in terms of science.

This resembling will contribute for development of new technologies, experience exchange and acquiring of new knowledge and expertise. Collaboration, which will increase the value of the local production of Bulgarian raw materials such as plomb, zinc and copper, which are used in the production process of batteries.

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