Карлсберг България с нова линия за производство на бира в кен 0,5 л


Carlsberg Bulgaria opened its own line for 0.5 l kegs in its brewery in Blagoevgrad. The line will fully serve the company’s production needs and will help to create new jobs.

In 2022, the Danish company received from the Ministry of Innovation and Growth a Class A certificate for the investment project, which is worth 23 million leva. For its project to build the can line, Carlsberg Bulgaria received a Sustainable Business Award at this year’s Investor of the Year 2022 awards.  The building that houses the can line has a size of 3,800 square metres. The line has a throughput of 40,000 kegs/hour and has the technical capabilities for various types of secondary packaging. The project will allow the production of beer and cider in 0.5 l packages.

The opening event was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Irina Shchonova, Mayor of Blagoevgrad Ilko Stoyanov, H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Bulgaria Jes Brogaard Nielsen, Blagoevgrad Regional Governor Stoyan Hristov, media, representatives of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria, Invest Bulgaria Agency and Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, etc.

„Investing in new technologies is not just a stimulus for jobs and the economy in the region, but also a way to attract skilled workers and encourage them to stay and work for the future of the country. I believe that success is built through personal example and through the shared responsibility to achieve more!” said Deputy Minister Shchonova during the event.

„I congratulate you as one of the largest employers in the region, because thanks to this investment new jobs will be created and people in the city will continue to enjoy beer created according to the highest international and national quality standards” – added the Mayor of Blagoevgrad Ilko Stoyanov.

„Business is the engine for the development of local regions and for attracting investments, which are an important incentive for ensuring economic growth and long-term stability.”

„I would like to congratulate you on your ambition to grow, because this is the way to keep your leading position and continue to be a market leader. It is commendable that you are striving to look to the future in order to provide your consumers with high quality and consistently good taste,” said H.E. Jes Brogaard Nielsen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Bulgaria.

„I would like to thank all my colleagues who with their daily efforts and perseverance helped to realize this large-scale project. This line will allow us to produce beer in kegs here in Bulgaria instead of importing them from neighbouring countries. We plan to expand our local production in the future and continue to enrich our product portfolio.“ – commented CEO of Carlsberg Bulgaria Wojciech Jabinski.

During the event, the guests had the opportunity to tour the production facilities of the company, as well as to observe the operation of the new keg packaging line and the beer creation process.

Carlsberg Bulgaria is a leading beer producer in Bulgaria and one of the most dynamic and fast growing companies in the industry. The company has two breweries – in Shumen and in Blagoevgrad, as well as logistics centers and sales offices in the country. Carlsberg Bulgaria is part of the international Carlsberg Group – one of the leading brewing companies in the world, which employs nearly 42,000 people and its products are sold in 150 markets.

Carlsberg Group Bulgaria with new production line

Карлсберг България с нова линия за призводство на кен

Карлсберг България с отнкриване на инвестиционният си проект в Благоевград за нова производствена линия за кен 0,5 мл.

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