SHL Healthcare Bulgaria received a certification class A


Bogdan Bogdanov handed a class A certificate to “SHL Healthcare Bulgaria” ltd. for its investment project about a factory for medical equipment, which will be constructed in the Ilinden municipality.

With the current investment project, the company plans to increase its production capacity and part of it is dedicated to medical goods such as slings, socks designed for the cure of limphodermia, parts for medical beds among others. This is the first production facility of the firm in Europe.

The investment is valued at 1 640 000 levs. and is expected to create over 150 workplaces.

The head company “SHL Healthcare AB” was founded in 1989 from Swedish entrepreneurs and ever since is a leader in the production of MedTech. The holding is a producer of devices for medicine delivery and products such as injectors and inhalators for big biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies around the world. At this point for the company are working over 5 300 workers and also has divisions in Swiss, Taiwan, Sweden, US and an production facility in China.

Инвеститор производител на медицинска техника с първи производствен завод в Европа

SHL Healthcare Bulgaria received a certification class A

сертификат клас А за инвестиционен проект

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